Project Goals
Improve and unify the experience across BackOffice system modules.
Role in the Project
User Experience Designer
Used Methodologies and Skills
Usability Heuristics, Interviewing, Design System, Atomic Design, Storybook, Prototyping, Usability Testing
Layout inconsistencies - different types, styles and placement of controls
Different look and feel in different sections of the system
No common guidelines for components and overall UI/UX
Different react components are used for the same UI component (for example more than 3 different table components in use, some custom)
Build a Design System and Redesign the App
Library with components and assets in Figma
React components in Storybook
Usage and design guidelines in Confluence
Promote the Design System - to be used by all teams (design, product, development)
Redesign UI and pages
Apply consistency
Player Overview - BEFORE
Player Overview - AFTER
Player Search - BEFORE
Player Search - AFTER

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