mCaliper is a mobile solution for keeping track of measurements done with a digital caliper, micrometer or any other manual measurement tool. With the help of a mobile device connected to the digital caliper all results are immediately stored in the cloud.
Role in project
UI/UX Designer, Graphic Designer
Main responsibilities
Participate in requirements defining and brainstorming sessions, work with project stakeholders and subject matter experts.
Conduct field research and competitive analysis.
Visit customers onsite for interviews and observations.
Test and validate different ideas.
Create low and high-fidelity mockups for web-based, mobile and desktop applications.
Website design.
Collaborate with developers. Test and refine implemented design and functionality.
Design of print materials.
Tools and technologies used
Balsamiq Mockups, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign

Roles diagram.

mCaliper Cloud dashboard wireframe.

mCaliper Android application wireframes.

mCaliper Android application Getting Started mockup.

mCaliper website mockup.

mCaliper website mockup.

Sample header animation created in Adobe After Effects to be implemented as HTML/CSS animation.

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